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Frequently Asked Questions: Online Technical


How do online courses work?

Once you begin your course, you will be able to access the separate course delivery web site. Your instructor will contact you to provide you with contact information and additional getting started tips.

The courses are set up with lecture by lecture navigation. Please contact your instructor with any questions you may have, but also check the online Support and FAQ page for commonly asked questions.


Can I preview the IC Design and Techniques program?

Yes. Please test drive the Free Course Preview for every course you are interested at http://www.UCBerkeleyExt.com.


Do I need a username and a password to test drive the Free Course Preview?

No. The Free Course Preview is publicly accessible.


How do I get started in the online series?

Simply sign up on the following web page http://extension.berkeley.edu/cert/icdesign.html (be sure to include your e-mail address in the enrollment form. Please note: only standard English characters are allowed as input). Before getting your password and URL to access the separate course delivery site, you will receive a Welcome Letter via email.


Can I access my course from anywhere?

Yes, you can access the course anywhere that has fast Internet access. Some companies have security policies that may restrict the functionality of your access. Please check with your company before you attempt to access the course at your workplace.

Are there specific dates that I need to log on to the Web site?

No. The time you spend online is determined by your own schedule. All homework assignments, exams, and projects must be completed within the time frame of the course. However, each homework assignment and project may have a different expected due date.

What kind of computer peripherals are required to take an online class?

You will need a PC computer, with sound, a 1024 x 768 or better resolution color monitor, a high speed internet connection, and various freely downloadable Adobe plug-ins. IE and Firefox are the recommended browsers.

Can I save my courses to my hard drive?

No. All courses in this Professional Series are delivered via streaming, which means they cannot be saved to your hard drive. You can, however, view the course material and listen the instructor’s narration as many times as you like over the duration of your course.

What happens if I have trouble accessing the URL with my login and password?

Refer to the technical contact in your welcome letter. We will assess and try to fix any problems in the most expeditious manner. In order to better serve you, please note the problem as it occurred (screen captures of the problem and your IP configuration settings are most helpful).

Do I need to have cookies enabled?

Yes. Your Internet browser must be set to accept cookies.

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