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Frequently Asked Questions: Proctored Final Exam


Can I take an online final exam?

No. The final exam should be done under the supervision of an approved proctor in order to receive credit for the course.

How should I schedule for the proctored final exam?

Midway through your course, you may begin making arrangements for your proctored final exam. When about 75% of your course work is done, please contact your instructor to request approval to release the exam. The exam must be completed by your assigned course end date. For detailed procedures, please refer to Selecting a Proctor and Scheduling Your Exam on the UC Berkeley Extension website.

Where should I take my final exam and who can be an authorized proctor?

We have authorized proctor centers and prefer you should look up a proctoring center for your area.
If you decide to search for a proctor that is not on the list, you may (with pre-approval of our Final Exams Office) have your exams proctored by any one of the following in your area:

  • High school principal or administrator
  • College or university faculty member or administrator
  • U.S. embassy or consular officer (if you live overseas)
  • Military chaplain or education officer (if you serve in the armed forces)


What if I fail an exam or fail a class?

You are expected to pass all exams and all classes with a minimum grade of C or better. If you fail an exam, you may not repeat it. If you fail a class, you will have to take the class over again.

Do I need to pay an extra fee to take the final exam?

If there is a charge for examination supervision, you are responsible for the fee.

If I have a question about final exam proctoring that is not covered in this FAQ, who do I ask?

You may contact the UC Berkeley Extension Final Exams Office by e-mail: extension-exams@berkeley.edu.

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