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Frequently Asked Questions: Program

How different is this UC Berkeley Extension online program as compared to the ones offered by other prestigious institutions in the world?

In 2008, UC Berkeley Extension is breaking new ground with our new engineering Professional Sequence in Integrated Circuit Design and Techniques. One of the key reasons is we realize the significant trend in this field and especially the continued strength of China’s leading role in the arena of semiconductor, analog, digital, and mixed-signal IC design. Not only is this program completely online, but engineers can choose a soundtrack that is in either English or Mandarin. This innovative format extends a valuable professional development opportunity to engineers in the U.S. as well as in places such as China, Taiwan, and Singapore, where there is a high level of chip manufacturing activity.


Why sets the UC Berkeley Extension’s Online Integrated Circuit Design and Techniques Professional Sequence apart from other programs?


Our program offers thorough, accelerated preparation for you to begin or upgrade your career in the semiconductor industry. We offer a fully online program, in interactive and dynamic formats, that provide you with a myriad of innovative design tips and convenient conceptual understanding at your fingertips. Our UC Berkeley-approved instructors in the professional series have PhDs and demonstrated sophisticated teaching ability and subject matter expertise.


Are there special admission requirements?

Although there is no prerequisite or special admission requirement for register our program, you must possess at least limited English skills. However, some courses may suggest a specific prerequisite, depending on its scope of study and level of difficulty.

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